Call Us Today: 570-573-3794Professional Grooming Services Include:

- We come right to your driveway in a self contained, state-of-the-art grooming van.
- Pet consultation
- Massaging bath with hot and cold water for comfortable temperatures.                         
- All natural shampoo suited for your pets skin and coat                                                   
- Professional hand drying                                                                                              
- Nails clipped                                                                                                     Tired of taking your elderly
- Pads shaved                                                                                                      parent's pet to the groomers?
- Sanitary area shaved                                                                                         Mobile is truely your answer!
- Anal glands expressed if needed                                                                        
- Ears cleaned
- Complete brush out                                                                                        January 1,2019: Large dog prices
-Clip of your choice                                                                                           being adjusted.
- Fresh smelling spray                                                                                        All dogs 65lbs to 100lbs that are
- Bows/ Bandana                                                                                                being clipped/de-shedded will
- Lots of Love                                                                                                     cost: $85 to $100. Also, starting
                                                                                                   June , 2019 all small and
                                                                                                   Medium dog prices will increase
                                                                                                   by $5.00.

Custom Upgrades:

- Nails filed and rounded.
- flea and tick treatment
-Specialty shampoo for dry skin, hot spots, or deshedding
-Whitening treatment
Note: A very matted dog: the rate will be based on extra time, tools, and product needed.
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